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The Memoirs of Naim Bey: Turkish Official Documents Relating to the Deportations and Massacres of Armenians

Buy on Amazon Buy in Bulk – 20% off retail when you buy 100 or more copies.  Click here for more details. Aram Andonian did a service to humanity by tracking down Naim Bey and acquiring primary sources related to the Armenian genocide. During the genocide, Naim Bey, a Turk, had been the chief secretary of …

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“The Pivot of Civilization and A Plan for Peace” by Margaret Sanger

The Pivot of Civilization was published in 1922. It contains Margaret Sanger’s belief that civilization

“Eugenics and Other Evils” by G.K. Chesterton

Mr. Chesterton’s long essay on eugenics and other evils was written in 1922, just a few years

“NSSM 200 The Kissinger Report: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests; The 1974 National Security Study Memorandum” by National Security Council

In 1974, President Richard Nixon ordered his national security council, under the direction of

“Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life: Its Measure and Form” by Karl Binding & Alfred Hoche

Many people do not realize that the Germans were methodically killing fellow Germans before

“The Transcript of the Scopes Monkey Trial: Complete and Unabridged” edited by Anthony Horvath

The Scopes Monkey Trial was a watershed moment in American history, pitting ‘old time religion’ against the growing acceptance of Darwinism. Strictly speaking, the Darwinists lost: Scopes was declared guilty. However, Clarence Darrow won in the court of public opinion.

“The Bahutu Manifesto” edited by Anthony Horvath

The Bahutu Manifesto was penned at a volatile moment in the history of Rwanda. Though the genocide of the 1990s was still far off, the Manifesto reveals that the seeds were already sown. In 1957, the Hutus were enjoying a