An Introduction to New Testament Greek: A Crash Course in Koine Greek for Homeschoolers and the Self-Taught by Anthony Horvath

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“It is all Greek to me!” goes the joke, but actually, learning Greek isn’t nearly as hard as people think. In this ‘crash course’ in New Testament (koine) Greek, students young and old can quickly learn how to use Bible reference tools such as concordances and interlinears. The purpose of this curriculum is not to turn someone into a Bible translator, although if you plan on more serious study of Greek and you presently know nothing, this course might be an excellent way to ramp up. The intuitive manner in which the basics of Biblical Greek are presented have allowed those as young as 7th graders to take their study of the New Testament right into the original language.

If your goal is not to become a theologian, but you want to know enough Greek to look up words in a lexicon or see how the original Greek words are used elsewhere in the Scriptures, this course will do the trick. This introduction to New testament Greek will take your Bible studies to the next level!

Perfect for homeschoolers and other students who want to know just enough to get started. Once started, they sky is the limit.

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