Biblical Greek in a Flash: Learn Enough Greek to Be Dangerous and Use Bible Reference Tools by Anthony Horvath

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This slim study of the Greek language is designed to lay a foundation for future learning while equipping the Bible student with the ability to handle reference tools such as a Greek lexicon, an interlinear, and exhaustive concordances. While this study will not make anybody a Bible translator, it will provide the basic knowledge necessary for making sense of reference tools and using them to delve deeper into the New Testament texts, greatly enriching one’s study of the Scriptures. Much of the material in this study has been used in junior high, high school and collegiate classes, and indeed was eventually adapted for use online for an apologetics academy. Students as young as 7th grade (especially homeschooled students) and as old as the hills will find that this course allows them to learn enough Greek to be dangerous… in all the ways that phrase can be understood.

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